S.H. Figuarts Ultra Instinct Goku info and promo images

We are still awaiting the official retail information on this one so we can get it up for pre-order but whilst we wait for the information to come through we thought we would pass on the product info we have from tamashii’s site.

Please be aware the information below is auto-translated from the Tamashii.jp site.

“Songoku Goku Selfishness” appears in the space survival edition of the latest TV anime “Dragon Ball Super”! Enjoy the ultimate Goku that has reached the “God realm”! !

S.H.Figuarts Son Goku where the first upper body of the Dragon Ball series was broken!
Kamehameha is reproduced by applying pearl paint over clear parts.
With a wide range of motion, it is possible to reproduce an intense action scene of selfishness!
Realistic reproduction of seizure-fitting waves on the strong enemy Gileen!
Realistic reproduction of the shape and color of the standing hair, which is a unique feature of selfishness.

■ Product Specifications
Height: about 140mm
Material: PVC, made of ABS

■ Set Contents
· Body
• Replacement face parts three
• Replacement wrist left and right each three
・ Kamehameha effect parts set

Be sure to check back here for the product link so you can get your pre-order in for what could be the hottest figure from the Dragonball SHF line.

Pre-order available now – click here to see the product page!

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