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  • Any fans of the Gremlins movies knows the rules: keep them out of sunlight, don’t get them wet, and never feed them after midnight. Break them, and your fuzzy,friendly little Mogwai will turn into a scaly, savage Gremlin.

    Although Gremlins released to theaters in the Summer of 1984, it went on to become a classic horror/comedy Christmas movie!

    Get into the holiday spirit with Santa Stripe, the leader of the mischievous monsters known as gremlins.

    Based off of a classic marketing ad in 1984, Stripe is dressed in a fabric Santa disguise complete with belt,Santa cap, and fuzzy beard; Stripe also comes with a Gizmo accessory he can fit into his cloth gift sack.

    Comes in window box packaging and is a 7-inch scale figure set.


    ETA: 31st December 2020.