A pre-order is a way of reserving a particular item that is releasing at a future date. By pre-ordering with Middle Realm we ensure an order is placed with the manufacturer for your desired quantity of an item. This is the safest way to ensure that you do not miss out on an item.

Why should I place a pre-order rather than wait until an item is in stock?

Many of the items that we offer at Middle Realm are made to order by the manufacturer. Without placing a pre-order we may not able to secure the item for you and only in rare circumstances will we will have enough stock left over at the time of release to purchase the item when it has been released. By pre-ordering you minimise the risk of losing out on an item.

What is an ETA?

ETA is the abbreviation for Estimated Time of Arrival. This is an estimated date of when an item is expected to release by a manufacturer. Being an estimate this date is not concrete so can slip by a few days and in some cases can be extended by the manufacturer by a few months if they are experiencing logistic or manufacturing issues. If you have a pre-order placed with Middle Realm we will do our best to let you know by email of delays or even the early arrival of items.

Pre-order period

A pre-order period is generally open for 2/3 weeks from the time our listing goes live on our store. By placing a pre-order early with Middle Realm this means that you are placed earlier in our pre-order queue. When the item arrives in our store you will receive it earlier than someone who pre-ordered the same item at later date. We implement this pre-order queue system at Middle Realm to honor the speed that a pre-order is placed on our store.

After the 2-3 week pre-order period a pre-order listing may close, if this is the case you can message us using our contact form to see if we can request additional stock for you. If a pre-order is still live after 2-3 weeks it is likely we have some spare stock to cover additional orders, this is likely to be a low number of stock so place your pre-order as soon as possible to ensure the item is reserved for you.

If you have any further questions in relation to pre-ordering with Middle Realm please visit our FAQ page where we have collected most of the frequently asked questions from customers of Middle Realm.

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